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Dr Angela Latham

Consultant Clinical Psychologist


Dr Angela Latham is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist based in Cheshire and North Wales. She has extensive experience working in CAMHS and in early years in the Manchester area. She also has specialist skills in teaching and training having developed numerous training packages and held the position of CYP-Talking Therapies Parent Lead. She has a background training in CBT which influences her work as an Incredible Years Mentor in the preschool basic and school age programmes. Angela is an accredited VIG (Video Interaction Guidance) Advanced Supervisor and offers training and supervision in VIG. She is also an accredited facilitator in the Family Partnership Programme and KIVA anti-bullying programme. Angela has a particular interest in supporting families in the early years and working with parental mental health. She has an in-depth knowledge of strategies to support children to self-regulate and has a passion for working with families and schools to implement behaviour management plans. She has used VIG in her practice for many years and is passionate about the use of video to enable families to see what works for them and what activates them to make effective changes.