Tutor Details

Dr Runa Dawood

Clinical Psychologist & Chair of BPS Division of Clinical Psychology Minorities in Clinical Psychology Sub-Committee


Runa is a Community Mental Health Clinical Psychologist, Chair of the British Psychological Society, Division of Clinical Psychology Minorities Sub-Committee, and former Disabilities Lead for this committee. She has a special interest in the overlap between Psychology and Disability Studies. She has experience in working with adolescents with a range of disabilities in schools, in child and adolescent mental health services delivering a broad array of therapeutic modalities, and also experience in relational and family therapy. She has written a number of papers relevant to disability and given talks on this topic in a variety of settings. She holds the SDS Accreditation in CBT, Level 3 (Master Practitioner in CBT, Assessed Academic Competence).

Significant/Relevant Experience/Achievements:

  • English Studies BA hons
  • Psychology Conversion Diploma
  • Couples Counselling (Psychodynamic & Systemic) Diploma
  • CBT Master Practitioner Diploma
  • Group Psychoanalysis Foundation
  • MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health
  • MSc Psychological Research
  • Doctorate Clinical Psychology
  • BPS, DCP, Minorities Subcommittee Co-Chair