As we all grapple with the health, safety and economic effects of the COVID-19 virus spread, our top priority has been to ensure the safety of our employees and customers, and we are responding accordingly.

Here, at SDS Seminars, we are technologically equipped to continue doing what we do best, which is to provide you with evidence-based training in psychology, counselling and psychotherapy. We are in a good position to offer you this from the comfort of your own home, without safety risks to you, your loved ones or colleagues.

Starting from March 2020 our live events will be delivered to you via our LIVE INTERACTIVE RECORDING SYSTEM, with trainers participating LIVE in the group chat, answering all your questions, commenting in discussions and giving advice. It was a tremendous effort by our whole team that made this solution possible – come and check it out – we are sure you will like this way of learning.

How it works:

  • We use our latest recording of a live event on the topic
  • You sign up to the webcast as normal
  • You watch the webcast LIVE on the day
  • The tutor works with you through the day LIVE via the chat box
  • They see and answer all your questions and engage in all discussions
  • After the course, you receive FREE access to the full recording of the course for 60 days. It means, if you can’t attend the course live, you can catch up with it later

Feedback from the participants who have already experienced training in this way:

  • “Thanks for an excellent day. I don't understand how you can have a recording that interacts with real time people on the web. Sounds like magic!” J.R., via Webcast

  • “It was a really good day and way to train - especially under the exceptional circumstances. I live & work in Devon and would have had to cancel if it wasn’t online today. I had the webcast on the laptop and materials on an iPad for dual scrolling. Being at home meant I could also - kind of calmly- check in with work during the breaks as there were so many urgent changes taking place. Win-win for me! Really looking forward to tomorrow” H.M., via Facebook Group Therapists Toolkit – Support, Resources & Networking

  • “I think you have done very well to adapt the training at short notice given the situation. That takes some doing!” C.P., via Webcast
END of the Update

SDS Seminars Ltd is the UK’s leading provider of Live Interactive Webcasts in psychology and psychotherapy field. With SDS Live Interactive Webcasts you are able to attend our events in real time from the comfort of your own home or office and watch them afterwards as a full recording.

SDS Live Interactive Webcast is not just a “live stream”. It brings you the latest benefits that the modern technology can offer in the field of distance training:

  • Attend the webcast from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home
  • Experience the seminar in real time through your laptop, tablet or PC screen
  • Watch the presenter, their demonstrations and their PowerPoint slides on your screen
  • Print the handouts in advance should you wish to keep a paper copy
  • Ask the tutor your questions during the seminar and get them answered straightaway
  • Engage in seminar exercises – confidential pair work is now available
  • Join in live voting on questions raised during the day and see the results immediately
  • Engage in a real time discussion with other delegates participating in the webcast
  • Webcast booking includes 60 days of free access to the course recording

You see, hear and experience the seminar in real time through your laptop, tablet or PC Screen. You see and hear the presenter, their therapy demonstrations and any PowerPoint slides being projected to the audience. You can also print and open the handouts and you can engage in seminar exercises.

During the webcast you can submit questions to the tutor online and they will be regularly reviewed and answered by the presenter. You can also engage in a discussion about the course with other people participating in the webcast, vote if you agree with their opinions and take part in group surveys conducted during the course.

Here are the answers to some of the questions about the Webcast:

Q: How will I access the Webcast?

A: The Webcast is accessed through a special private webpage on the SDS Seminars website. Prior to the course, you are sent details of the Webcast page plus instructions on how to access it.

Q: Will the Webcast work on my computer?

A: The live Webcasts work on any web-connected computer, tablet or laptop with speakers and a reasonable broadband connection. If you can access the SDS Seminars website and can watch videos on YouTube, it shouldn’t be a problem. There may be occasional outages due to your local broadband connection but at worst these might produce occasional freezing that can be resolved by refreshing your screen. For any further problems, we ensure that the broadcast is available to all participants for 60 days after an event so that they can review any material they wish. No software download or phone is required.

Q: Why would I be interested in attending the Webcast rather than attending the event in person?

A: Two possible reasons – convenience and/or cost. You may not be able to get to the venue easily from where you live on the days when the seminar is running, whereas getting to your nearest computer screen may be much easier. Alternatively, you may find that the cost of travelling from your home to London (plane, train, petrol, parking and hotel costs) can be expensive and that you can have the benefits of the seminar from the comfort of your own home or office without these additional costs.

Q: Can I attend both in person and see the Webcast later?

A: If you book and pay twice, yes. However, without this you must opt for either attending in person OR participating through the webcast.

Q: What about the seminar notes?

A: You will be able to all access course materials via the Resource link once you have logged on to the webcast portal.

Q: Can I ask questions or make comments during the Webcast?

A: Yes. The Webcast has a chat feature for you to type in your questions or comments. These will be read during Q&A periods. For example, we might say, “we have a question from a counsellor in Newcastle who asks…” You will be able to hear the response to your question as part of the Webcast. However, please bear in mind that we of course cannot guarantee that every question asked will be answered, just as it is not always possible to do so in the room, due to time constraints.

Q: Can I engage in pair or group work on the webcast?

A: The online group chat facility in the webcast portal enables you to participate in group or pair work exercise discussions during the event. It also allows the raising of questions both amongst the delegates and to the tutor. This is sufficient for achieving course training objectives.

Q: Do I still get a CPD Certificate stating the number of training hours I’ve had if I attend the Webcast (rather than in person)?

A: Yes, providing you have viewed all the required hours of training.

Q: What about any technical problems?

A: The webcast has a dedicated technical team that constantly monitors broadcast quality. Should any difficulties occasionally arise at the broadcast end the team will work as rapidly as possible to resolve them. Technical issues at the receiving end are the customer’s responsibility. There is a Troubleshooting Guide document available on each webcast Resources Section. We would also strongly recommend you visit the portal in advance of a broadcast to familiarise yourself in advance with how it works.

Q: Will I still receive a CPD Certificate stating the number of training hours if I attend via the Webcast (rather than in person)?

A: Yes. You are awarded a CPD Certificate that is equivalent to the one delegates attending in person receive. It is important to use Google Chrome as your web browser to access the webcast. This enables us to verify your viewing hours and issue your certificate of completion.

NB! To be eligible for this Certificate you must view the course in its entirety. We monitor viewing statistics and this must confirm the hours viewed that the course certificate requires. Without this confirmed attendance you will not qualify for the certificate.


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