ACT Practitioner’s Toolkit and How To Use It

Can be taken as an individual course or as a part of:

Approved by the British Psychological Society for the purposes of Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

3 days 9:30am – 4:30pm 21 CPD hours

Course Brief

This practical one day course can be taken as a module of BPS Approved Certificate in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT) or as an independent training for practitioners already familiar with the basics of ACT. Participants should have completed the ACT Introductory Course or other comparable introductory course and being willing to share anonymous cases to discuss during the course.

This Module is ONLY available as in-the-room training and not via Interactive Webcast in order to maximise tutor' direct feedback during your learning

In this course, you will be working on three key tools that are essential to any ACT practitioner:

  • awareness of one’s practice;
  • a theoretical understanding of one’s practice;
  • and a pragmatic approach to the implementation of context and theory awareness.

This course will therefore focus primarily on the process of engaging in ACT practice from a flexible stance, using the latest advances in theory and research to guide your future practice.

Day 1

Functional analysis of your practice. Are you struggling with a particular area of practice?

  • Advanced Case conceptualization
  • Moving from Case conceptualization to intervention
  • Structuring the Intervention (Process based approach)
  • Noticing your own barriers as a therapist (psychotherapeutic inflexibility)
  • Being an ACT practitioner from the Heart: Open, Aware, Engaged

Day 2

Relational Frame Theory – The power of language

  • Understanding language as a learned behavior
  • Language, Psychopathology and Assessment
  • Using RFT in practice
    • Building behavior change
    • Building a flexible sense of self
    • Building Motivation
  • Creating your own Metaphors
    • Functional analysis of a metaphor
    • Catching Metaphors in session and co-creating a metaphor with your client

Day 3

  • In session process activation – The three opportunities model
    • Opportunity to notice
    • Opportunity to choose
    • Opportunity to ACT
  • Bringing the Three Opportunities model to the client’s context

SDS Accreditation in ACT, Level 2 (Advanced Assessed Academic Competence) means you have undertaken training as in Level 1, completed the training course within the Module 2 (The ACT Practitioners Toolkit & How to Use It) of the ACT Certificate and also passed the online exam.

This level of accreditation gives you a Certificate of Completion with Advanced Assessed Academic Competence, as well as access to the course materials and other resources. It also enables you to state in your CV that you have SDS Accreditation in ACT Level 2 (Advanced Assessed Academic Competence) and can use qualification, ACTAccred. (AAAC) in your title.

Your accreditation currently lasts for 3 years, and is renewable by sitting an online refresher or attending a live course/webcast. Successful completion of the online refresher, which includes the associated exam, maintains your SDS Level 2 Accreditation.

Course Tutor

Dr Nuno Ferreira
PhD, Lecturer in Clinical Psychology

Nuno Ferreira is a Lecturer at the University of Edinburgh where he teaches and supervises research projects across several post-graduate programmes in Clinical Psychology. Gaining his qualification as a Clinical Psychologist in Portugal, Nuno has worked in several services in clinical capacities both in Portugal and in the UK. From 2007 onwards he became interested in the use and development of Third Wave Cognitive Behavioural approaches in clinical setting. His main research focus has been on the use of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) for long-term or chronic health conditions, having completed a PhD researching the use of ACT for Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Nuno has published a book and several research articles on ACT and is regular presenter at several international conferences in this subject area.

Nuno has been involved in the training Doctoral students in ACT at the University of Edinburgh since 2009. He has lead several skills-based workshops at international events, and also provides training in ACT for NHS Scotland services. He is also an invited lecturer in Third Wave CBT approaches at the University of Cyprus.