Our hugely popular SDS THURSDAYS continue from the 2 September 2021 with new tutors and topics.

Save the dates:

7 October 2021 - with Dr Rachel Freeth on Psychiatric Drugs Made Simple – What Therapists Need to Know Dr Freeth will run a two-day course for SDS Seminars on this extremely important topic on 26 - 27 October 2021. This is your chance to get a taster of the event and make your decision about booking on the course.

14 October 2021 - with Lisa Anderson on Self-Harm And Suicide Risk Many of you have worked with Lisa in the past. Tonight she will introduce her new course within the BPS Approved Certificate for Integrated CBT for working with Adolescents.

21 October 2021 - with Professor Tony Attwood and Dr Michelle Garnett on Succeeding with Autism in Adolescents and Young Adults Tony and Michelle will lead an exclusive masterclass on the topic for SDS Seminars in November. Tonight you'll get a chance to get a flavour of the forthcoming training.

4 November 2021 - with Professor Nuno Ferreira on ACT for Managing Chronic Pain Many of you expressed interest in joining Nuno on his Masterclass for ACT on managing chronic pain. This Thursday will give you a little taster of the forthcoming course.

11 November 2021 - with Georgina Rush on Gender Dysphoria and Supporting Young People with Transgender Identities (Adolescents Cert) Georgina is a BABCP Accredited CBT Therapist, tonight she will introduce her new course within the BPS Approved Certificate for Integrated CBT for working with Adolescents.

18 November 2021 - with Professor Paul Grantham on Working with Guilt Another session on a new, extremely popular, module of the BPS Approved Certificate in Non-Diagnostic Psychological Problems: Integrated CBT for Common Life Challenges - Guilt

25 November 2021 - with Dr Andrew Beck, President of BABCP, on Trauma Following Sexual Assault (Adolescents Cert) Dr Beck is an engaging, empathetic and incredibly informed speaker with vast experience in the field. Many of you worked with Andrew on SDS courses or listened to his Thursday presentations for us. This one is not to be missed.

2 December 2021 - with Professor Andrew Reeves on Suicide Andrew will run his hugely popular and extremely informative course on The Essentials for Working with Suicidal Clients for us in January 2022. This is a tester session, which will leave you wanting to learn more, based on our last year experience. Do Not Miss!

17 February 2021 - with Linda Graham on Retiring the Inner Critic Linda Graham, a bestselling author of Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain for Maximum Resilience and Well-Being, will be joining us from San Francisco, California, to introduce her new three-part webinar on retiring the inner critic.

Start time - 19.00 UK time. Duration - 45 min approx.

Registration required! Register on the Home page of SDS website (blue background) under "Sign up here for SDS Thursdays & to receive our news and promotions".

See you there, these meetings are absolutely free!