Free Sessions Update


This is to update you on the future development of SDS’ free Thursday evening sessions. We’ve given it a great deal of thought and have conducted a lot of research into various ways of organising these sessions, and want to thank you for all your support and suggestions regarding how we might approach this. At this stage we’ve made a number of decisions:

  1. We will continue these sessions as we know they are greatly valued. We also believe that to cease them would allow a single offender to win against the good that the overwhelming majority of us are all working towards.
  2. We want to maintain our original vision of free, accessible, large community meetings.
  3. Maintaining the above presented us with a major challenge in trying to balance accessibility with the need for increased security.
  4. After researching and testing several online meeting platforms we’ve concluded that Zoom remains the most advanced and practical for this purpose.

Thus, we have decided to maintain our use of Zoom, however, we will be making some changes to the way the meetings are organised:

  1. All meetings will now take place by registration only.
  2. The link for registration will not be available anywhere on social media or any other website.
  3. The only way to receive the link would be by email from SDS Seminars.
  4. For that you need to be signed up to the SDS community on the SDS Website: If you’re not already signed up or don’t receive SDS emails, do it now to get Zoom meeting details.
  5. The meeting room’s “door” will be closed 5 min after the start of the session – no late comers will be admitted beyond this point. Please be on time.
  6. No screen sharing from the participants continues.
  7. Participants’ microphones will be muted throughout the event, all questions will be via the chat box only.
  8. If the moderator noticed any participants whose microphone cannot be muted these participants will be immediately excluded from the meeting.
  9. Spotlight will be on the presenters only.

We hope that these measures will be sufficient and want to thank you again for your overwhelming support and interest in what we do.

Stay tuned – the next meeting is on 28 May 2020.

With kind regards

Paul and Julia