Free Recording on Working with Anger with Paul Grantham


As you know on Thursday 11 June 2020 we held our free training session on Dealing with Anger in Difficult Times.

You can watch a free recording of the session HERE

It was VERY well received with lots of questions and positive comments (see below).

Some feedback from Paul Grantham’s Session on Anger:

  • “Thanks SO much SDS for the generosity and organisation of these rich sessions.”
  • “Thank you so much for your generosity with this webinar Paul and Julia!”
  • “Thank you, I got a lot from this short session.”
  • “Thank you very much Paul. I work with angry service personnel, this has been very insightful and very useful.”

As all the questions could not be answered in a short 40 min session, we’ve arranged a massive 50% DISCOUNT on your viewing of a full 2-day course on WORKING WITH ANGER PROBLEMS. As Paul pointed out in his free session term “Anger” covers so much more – from aggressiveness to bitterness, from hatred to anger suppression - buy the recording and learn how to unpack this complex issue and work with all its forms. We’ve extended the length of the offer as we know not all the links worked from the day it was first announced. CLICK HERE TO BOOK

Free video recording of our previous Zoom sessions featuring such important figures in the field as Professor Windy Dryden, Dr Andrew Beck and Professor Nuno Ferreira are available: HERE