SDS' Biggest Training Programme ….. Ever!


As summer draws to an end and you start thinking about the autumn, SDS have got a blockbuster programme of training for you to stimulate, inform and develop your confidence and therapy expertise - whatever’s happening with COVID! Get your pen ready to see which events most grab your interest. There’ll be a lot!

SDS Seminars are not coming back to “in-the-room” training yet. However we have a number of innovative training methods that have been tried and tested over lockdown (and before) and which we’ve fine-tuned specifically for you - from Live Interactive Recordings (LIRs), through Live Masterclasses using SDS’ unique Interactive Webcasting System (IWS) through to good old Zoom (password protected).


We are moving to a “flipped learning model”. In plain language that means that all your training course modules (but two) will be accessed via recording which you can view at anytime and anywhere - whether that’s at 02.30 in Hong Kong or 19.00 in Glasgow.

However….and this is the biggest change…once you’ve signed up for a Module your training has THREE NEW ADDITIONAL FEATURES:

  • FREE Exclusive Access to regular 90 min Zoom CBT tutorials with the course tutor – to discuss issues and practicalities. The first of these is on 14 September 19.00-20.30. Book CBT modules now to get access to the first of these tutorials.
  • UNLIMITED email support for anything that’s cropped up in the Module that you want speedy answers to.
  • A comprehensive (and dynamic) FAQ section. It’s unlikely that you are alone in many of the questions that you have. That’s why we are compiling a dynamic list of FAQs from previous delegates on the course which you can access answers to - immediately. Interested? You can choose your Modules and start learning NOW.

The exception of the above is the CBT Module on SOCRATIC QUESTIONING which is experiential and will be delivered live via Zoom Rooms. Book it now for 17-18 November 2020. It is the ONLY time this course will run over the next 12 months.


  • Dr Andrew Beck is now the new President of the BABCP and is leading a very important Masterclass on 16 SEPTEMBER on HOW TO PREVENT THERAPIST BURNOUT.

    Who’s it for? Its MOST relevant for you if you’re a Supervisor or Manager. If you really want to support your supervisees and staff, you’re going to get lots of practical ideas which you can’t afford to miss. Stress related illnesses are already on the rise. Are you doing your bit to address this? However, even as a practitioner you’ll find lots of tips and ideas for preventing and handling the stress of our work. BOOK NOW.

  • Professor Steve Rollnick sadly had to postpone his planned Masterclass on NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN MOTIVATIONAL INTERVIEWING earlier this year because of COVID. He’s now running it LIVE on 6 October 2020. Not booked it yet? It’s a staggeringly unique event which you’re won’t come across anywhere else. If you are interested in the question of client motivation come and learn from the co-creator of Motivational Interviewing. But be quick. There’s not much time left.

  • Professor Mick Cooper is a towering figure in the UK and international counselling field. Always inspirational, insightful, research based and practical he is running a LIVE ZOOM course on RELATIONAL DEPTH IN THERAPY & COUNSELLING on 18, 25 November and 2 December 18.00-20.00, UK time. The role of the relationship in therapy is well established. However, what do we know about what really contributes to and maintains it. What about common obstacles and how to address them. And what about “relational depth” with video/Zoom therapy? Come and join an inspirational and experienced practitioner, writer and researcher in the therapy field who’ll make a real difference to your practice and the way you work. BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW.


    This is a three part Zoom training with an international expert Deb Dana, running between 14.00-16.00 on Mondays 16, 23 and 30 November.

    Here are two questions for you:

  • Do you work with Trauma?

  • Do you want to learn PRACTICAL exercises to help your Trauma clients by working with one of the major international practitioners in the field – and co-author of two books with Stephen Porges?

    This is the first ever chance to join an experiential learning workshop with Deb Dana introducing Polyvagal exercises for Trauma clients. Based in Maine USA, Deb will be leading you through specific exercises for Trauma clients along with her assistant using Zoom Rooms. We are limiting the number of places on this course because of the nature of the topic and the interactive nature of the training. So, you’ll have to book quickly to get a place.

    DO IT NOW.


Do you have a basic knowledge of ACT but want to develop some actual ACT Skills? Then you need to sign up for BPS Approved ACT Practitioner’s Toolkit and How To Use It. Led by Professor Nuno Ferreira on 19-21 October 2020. We believe there’s no other course like this currently available. An experiential skills workshop using Zoom Rooms you’ll come out with a whole new practical toolkit you can use with clients. But because its skills learning based, numbers are limited. Stand apart from your colleagues in becoming skilled in ACT and not just being able to talk about it. BOOK NOW.

Not done any previous ACT training and want to get up to speed first? Then sign up for a recorded version of our [BPS Approved Introduction to ACT]( to learn from first. It is currently on a Special Offer – save 50%!

This is not all and I have many more news, but something tells me that I better stop here and let you digest all the information so far. I’ll be back in touch soon with MORE exciting news!

Best Wishes

Paul Grantham