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Prof Tony Attwood

Clinical Psychologist, Professor at Griffith University in Australia and Strathclyde University in Scotland

"I find [Dr Tony Attwood] a joy to listen to, and I'm so glad he continues to champion the plight of those whose voices would otherwise go unheard." Will Hadcroft via up-tube.com


Dr Tony Attwood, Clinical Psychologist, is the acknowledged world expert on therapy with ASD clients. Professor at both Griffith University in Australia and Strathclyde University in Scotland, he’s worked with an estimated 8000 clients with some form of ASD diagnosis.

He is author of innumerable peer reviewed studies and book chapters on autism, Asperger’s Syndrome and ASD. He’s also published 15 books in the field with sales topping 1 million, and titles translated into 28 languages. These include CBT to Help Young People with Asperger's Syndrome to Understand and Express Affection: A Manual for Professionals (2013) and Exploring Depression, and Beating the Blues: A CBT Self-Help Guide to Understanding and Coping with Depression in Asperger’s Syndrome (2016).

He lists his current clinical interests as

How girls with Asperger’s adjust to the profile of abilities and experiences associated with ASD The constructive use of special interests in the daily life of those with an ASD Helping the typical child who has a parent with the characteristics of Asperger’s syndrome Improving the self-esteem of adolescents who have Asperger’s syndrome. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to treat depression in adolescents and adults who have Asperger’s Developing the expertise of my colleagues at the Minds and Hearts clinic in Brisbane He has been interviewed by a number of television companies around the world and an ABC TV documentary of his work, life and his ASD son’s struggle with drug addiction was broadcast in 2017.

Professor Attwood continues to present at numerous international conferences each year, is Chair of The Hearts & Minds Clinic for ASD clients in Brisbane and still manages to find time to dote on his grandchild Rosie.

Learn more about Tony Attwood: http://www.tonyattwood.com.au/

An immensely knowledgeable, inspirational and humorous speaker Tony will make this training day for you a practical, memorable and enjoyable experience.