These tutorials, led by SDS Tutors, designed to help you to solidify your knowledge, and master your essential therapy skills, while progressing towards the BPS Approved Certificates and Diplomas offered by SDS Seminars.

They are absolutely free for those who have booked/completed the relevant courses and will always be open to those who have completed the full CBT Diploma. See below what courses you will need to complete to be invited to each tutorial.

They are held on Monday evenings on Zoom and last approx. 60 min.

Below is the list of forthcoming topics:

Each session consists of a short (30 – 40 min) presentation summarising the topic followed by Q&As.

Looking forward to welcoming you to our CBT Tutorials.

Participant's feedback we’ve received after one of our previous sessions:

“Following my first [Tutorial] on CBT and Anxiety led by Paul Grantham who evidently has a vast knowledge in this subject, I found this experience incredibly informative and walked away a lot more knowledgeable. Taking us through real case studies, Paul broke down the scenarios sharing his wisdom and experience as he went. The seminar also gave the audience the ability to interact by using a live chat or raise a blue hand if we so wished as he answered the questions flooding in. I highly recommend SDS [Tutorials] if you wish to enhance your understanding/awareness in this subject.” Charlotte Stewart, MPD in CBT Student